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Interview Questions To Ask Employer

Do you have any further questions I can answer for you?’ Most people will give the standard answer: ‘Thank you, you have already covered all my open questions during our conversation. At this point in time, I don’t have any questions.’

This is a place where so many people go wrong in an interview.

What’s Wrong With This Answer?

During my career of interviewing hundreds of potential candidates whenever I would hear that answer, the first thing that came to my mind was: ‘Mhmm, I’m not sure if this person is the right candidate… ‘

It may sound a little harsh, but If a candidate cannot think of any interview questions to ask, they appear not to be interested in the role. It leaves a feeling that he or she would have probably taken any job, possibly leaving me once they get a better offer.

So, Who To Hire?

In general, hiring managers and recruitment agencies want to hire candidates who want to work for a particular company. They want to hire people who are passionate and who wouldn’t take any kind of job.

So, in short, by not asking any further questions at the end of the interview, the conservation ends on a negative note.

Would You Hire This Candidate?

Put yourself in the shoes of a hiring manager. Would you hire the above candidate? If you have 5 candidates to choose from; all performed well in the interview, which one would you pick? Remember, you are responsible for hiring the right person for your team. You don’t want to hire someone who you think may leave just after you invested all the time to train them.

So, if you want to leave a great impression, ask a few questions at the end of your interview.

Tips On How To Approach It:

Before the actual interview, write down some interview questions to ask in your notepad. Bring your notepad to the interview and reference any unanswered questions from it. Don’t worry about reading from your notepad, it will reflect positively on you as it shows you are interested and prepared. Don’t try to remember the questions, there’s always a chance nerves can kick in, and you might forget.

Which Interview Questions To Ask?

But what kind of interview questions to ask? Imagine for a second – you get the job, what do you want to know about your new job and employer? Consider asking the following:

  • How large is the team I will work in or with?
  • Is this a newly created position? If not, why is the position now vacant?
  • Are there any immediate problems or challenges I can commence working on?
  • What would my first 4 weeks look like?

If your current manager is interviewing you, questions you could ask them include:

  • What do you expect from me? Or what are your expectations?
  • What would you like me to work on?
  • How long is the probation period?
  • How can I provide value to you and your team?
  • What does success look like for you?
  • How can I help you become more successful?
  • How will my performance be evaluated and how frequently?
  • What career opportunities are there within the company?
  • What do you enjoy most when working for the company?

If you ask me some of the above questions, and you satisfactorily answered the other interview questions, you will get the job! As a manager I would rather have someone working in the team who is interested in working with and for me, than someone who is an outstanding performer and who will likely leave the company after 6 months.

In Summary:

In order to act the interview, be prepared, write some of the above interview questions to ask down and take notes of a few answers during your interview. This will get you the job.

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