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Educational Career Training in Animation

Almost every industry from video games to advertising interlocks animation into their daily work. Students can follow this path and become animated by jumping into a training program. Educational career training in animation is dedicated to providing unique career training where students learn how to create the effects they see in movies and games. Becoming animated is really a process of following a few steps that lead to success.

The few steps it takes to get from wanting a degree to working in the field may take time but dedication can make it happen. Training provides a comprehensive look at how to use the latest technology to create and design 2-D and 3-D images. Through this general overview students learn about special effects, drawing techniques, and more. Finding the right program makes up step one. This decision is important because the program students enter determines what they learn and what careers will be available to them. The options range from an associate’s degree to a master’s and students can take a general approach or pick a concentration. Concentrations can include training in game design, visual design, and film. When a program is decided on students can transition into the longest and hardest step.

The second step may be the toughest to push through. This step is completing a program. Within a bachelor’s degree program schooling is typically broken down into specific learning in the first two years and the last two years.

  • Traditional colleges require students to take two years of general education like English and science to earn their degree.
  • Beginner’s courses are usually mixed in with general education. Animation fundamentals and drawing techniques are some courses that can be taken in the first two years.
  • The last two years animation courses are taken. These can include 2-D and 3-D animation techniques, drawing procedures, modeling images, and more.

Students walk away knowing how to use scale, form, color, texture, and pattern to create animated images. Computer software is focused on to prepare students for the workplace. Once schooling is completed students have the chance to find a career.

Finding a career can often times be a long process, which is why it makes up step three in the becoming animated process. Students can find careers in many fields that include working in the film industry, advertising, game design, multimedia, special effects, and more. Students need to learn how to market their skills when creating a cover letter and resume. Doing this includes tailoring each item to specific jobs to highlight areas of proficiency that fit the job description. Widening the search to include more areas of work may need to be considered as well. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a high level of growth over the next four years. This is due to the growth in technology and the use of computer software programs to include more visual components in many industries.

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